HUMlab in Second Life

HUMlab has a long history of engaging with different kinds of on-screen virtual worlds: Active Worlds, Traveler and Atmosphere among others. Several of the most important lab projects have been situated within these spaces, and we are now also one of the lead partners of the Virtual Worlds Timeline Project. We enjoy experimenting with these platforms as well as being part of the critical discourse.

For quite some time now, we have been thinking vaguely about a HUMlab presence in Second Life, and for the last couple of weeks we have had a more intense discussion. So far it has mainly been me and Jim Barrett who been engaged in this discussion, but we would like to have more people involved (you?) – both locally and internationally. One starting point has been that we do not want to build a replica of the lab. Another one that we want to work with the affordances of SL and think about the SL presence in relation to the HUMlab media ecology and the physical lab. We plan to use this blog to document the process that will hopefully lead to an interesting SL presence as well as new critical work.