Why can’t good be enough?

I just read To the average Joe, blogs aren’t cutting it and one thought comes to mind… why can’t ‘good’ be enough? Why do these reports about one tool always want to make it the be all and end all of web tools? Blogs are not going to drown out mainstream media (sorry hyper-myths). Blogs are not going to change the world (yep. they can have moments of great impact – but, well).

Blogging is a TOOL. And I don’t mean the slang version. They are a tool. A way to quickly publish information. They are a way to network. They are a way to create a presence more ‘complete’ than a simple CV or bio. They are a way of sharing and comparing and supporting. They are a *great* tool. But alone, blogging technology will not change the world.

What can is the combination of tools (flickr, geotagging, blogging, YouTube, etc) to facilitate collective idea building, collective research, collective mythbusting. And just as important as this ability to collect and connect is the network of people that filter and share all this information. Just as no one person can alone change the world, neither can one tool.

Blogging is a great tool. And it is a powerful tool. But man, the pressure put on the poor blog! Remember, it is just one part of the creative and collaborative toolbox we are watching emerge.

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