yesterday’s seminar

I really think yesterday’s seminar turned out well. I like the fact we have a range of different kinds of seminar speakers, and that one week, we have an internationally acclaimed researcher from University of Southern California do a seminar, and the follow week, two students presenting their undergraduate work.

Maria Wiklund, literature student, talked about her work on Harry Potter focusing on author intervention, participatory functions and structural properties of the work. Read Maria’s blog entry about the seminar here.

Robert Bhatt, student at the Program of Cultural Analysis, talked about his experiences and reflections from participating in an interdisciplinary project run by the Department of Computer Science. He discussed the role of a cultural analyst in this context as well as the design process.

They both did very well, and there were students from several programs present as well as a professor from comparative literature, graduate students from disciplines such as English and Ethnology, and others.

After the presentations proper, there was a session where Robert and Maria presented their ideas for D/MA level papers. Also, there was a more general discussion about doing such work together with HUMlab.

The setting was more informal than may be evident from the photos. We also had a coffee/discussion break. There was quite a bit of discussion, and when I had to leave for a video conference meeting at 2.55 pm, after about 100 minutes, the conversation continued for another 30 minutes (reportedly). Really great! One of things I appreciate is the cross-program/discipline discussions between students (and faculty).