forum on digital humanities, digital libraries and virtual museums

Tomorrow I am going to participate in a very interesting event on cyberinfrastructure in relation to the humanities and the cultural heritage sector. This event is truly on a massive scale. Some 20 sites from at least 6 countries will participate. Participants include Library of Alexandria, Cinece Supercomputing Center in Bologna, Oxford University, Tufts University, Library of Congress, Stanford University and UCLA. Here is a description of the event:

The purpose of the forum is to bring together an international group of scholars, librarians and information technologists to discuss the role of the applications of broadband networks or “thick pipe” internet (e.g. Internet2, RENATER, ENSTINET, GARR, GEANT and TERENA) in the cyber-infrastructure for Digital Humanities, Digital Libraries and Virtual Museums. During the videoconference there will be brief presentations of projects that show innovative ways of using high-bandwidth or highperformance computing for the humanities—uses that go beyond video-conferencing. The presentations will spark off a quite informal discussion on the four main themes of the conference. One objective is to provide ideas and direction for the technological community, to determine how “thick pipe” internet and the middleware that is developed, would best benefit the humanities, libraries and museum world. 

CENIC and Internet2 are conveners and Ed Johansen is the main organizer. Willeke Wendrich from UCLA is the chair. The forum will last four hours. Participants are in five time zones, and the start time ranges from 5 am to 3 pm local time. The four sessions are:

  • Virtual museums and digital libraries
  • Technology
  • Digital Libraries
  • Digital asset management/cyber-infra-structure

I will serve as the moderator for second session – technology – where we will discuss the last mile problem, applications and middleware, and the Humanities and outreach. There will also be four session-specific presentations. Should be fun! I cannot quite phantom the whole thing in action, but I am sure that things will work out!

Apparently there will also be a webcast available during the event. After the event, the recorded webcast will be available from here.