Anne Balsamo in HUMlab

I fetched Anne Balsamo, tomorrow’s seminar speaker, at the airport today. I am most delighted to have Anne visit, and although it is a short visit, I think it will be very rewarding. I almost met Anne at University of Southern California in 2005, but that meeting never materialized (although I did visit her institute). I was fortunate enough to meet her in Irvine in 2006, and now she is here. Some of you might know Anne’s work through her book Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women. She has an impressively interesting and varied background which includes working at Stanford Humanities Lab, Stanford University, and Georgia Tech. She co-founded the Onomy Labs in 2002, and worked at Xerox PARC as a principal scientist earlier.

Tomorrow she will talk about “Designing Culture: A work of the technological imagination” which is also the title of her new book (almost finished). I am really looking forward to Anne’s talk. The talk will be live streamed (link will be posted on this blog tomorrow).

In passing, I would also like to recommend one of Anne Balsamo’s less known articles:

Balsamo, Anne. 2000. “Engineering Cultural Studies: The postdisciplinary adventures of mindplayers, fools, and others”. In Reid, Roddey and Sharon Traweek (eds.), Doing Science + Culture, 259-274. Routledge: New York.

Well worth reading!