Mixed interests

Since I came to HUMlab about a half a year ago a lot has happened in my working (and private) life. In the beginning I wasn’t sure of what to do at HUMlab, and I wasn’t sure of what HUMlab actually were all about. Coming from the History of ideas, I had a vague idea that HUMlab were dealing with the fuzzy area between technology and humanities. And now my working life lies in that confusing area.

I’m currently working with a proposal aiming for EU’s 7th framework programme, developing an identity service for museums, archives and libraries, based on the CIDOC-CRM model. It’s a very technical project where HUMlab will coordinate the project and also provide the project with a humanistic approach and humanistic competences.

However, this week I was offered, through the professor in Museology, to participate in a conference dealing with the CIDOC-CRM model. The day after I received an invitation to the European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC) and a session about “religious transformations since the 1960s”. Yesterday I was asked to give a lecture on the course “Church and revivalism in Skellefteå” (a town north of Umeå), and that was only a few hours after talking to the museum here in the town about future collaborations between the museum and HUMlab.

This week has been exceptional, but I can’t imagine so many environments where it is possible to combine such a variety of interests – and I like it.