Spring semester seminars

The first full version of this semester’s seminar schedule has now been finalized. One or two more seminars will probably be added later. We have a range a very interesting people visit this semester. All seminars will also be streamed live as well as archived and mp3:ed. Most of the seminars are joint ventures with departments, programmes etc. This information has not been included here but can be found on the Swedish seminar page (or the relevant sub pages).

Most of the seminar speakers will be introduced individually here later.

[February 14, 1.15 pm CET]
Träd-baserad musikgenerering [In Swedish, Tree-based music generation]
Johanna Högberg, Department of Computer Science, Umeå University

[February 19, 1.15 pm]
Designing Culture: A Work of the Technological Imagination
Anne Balsamo, University of Southern California

[April 3, 1.15 pm]
Located media and the Question of Manifestation in Archaeology
Christopher Witmore, Brown University

[April 18, 3.15 pm]
Visuella vändningar i Kerstin Ekmans författarskap: skönlitteratur, film, hypertexter och datorspel [in Swedish, Visual turns in Kerstin Ekman’s authorship: fiction, literature, hypertexts and computer games]
Cecilia Lindhé, Blekinge Institute of Technology and Uppsala University

[May 4, 1.15 pm]
Burning Man:  Participatory Rituals, Dangerous Beauty, Public Grieving, Dust and Celebration, Co-Creating the Present
Galen Brandt, DigitalSpace

[May 7, 1.15 pm]
Will Bona Fide Life Evolve from within Human Technology (and what are the consequences of this happening)?
Bruce Damer, DigitalSpace

[May 15, 1.15 pm]
Beyond the Desktop Metaphor
Victor Kaptelinin, Department of Informatics, Umeå University

[May 22, 1.15 pm]
Robot Ethics
Peter Asaro, (Ph.D. from) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

[May 29, 1.15 pm]
Nya media – från papyrus till cyberspace [in Swedish, New media – from papyrus to cyberspace]
Mikael Hörnqvist, Uppsala University and Uppsala universitet and Gotland University College