meetings in practice

HUMlab is about the meeting between the Humanities and Information Technology. This meeting takes many forms and, often, what is the humanities and what is information technology is not that easy to identify. You find much humanities in technology and a fair bit of technology in the humanities (talking about people as well as ideas).

I think this is a nice illustration of the meeting that we are about:

These are the offices of the relatively new HUMlab team members: Annika Westergren from Computing Science and Stefan Gelfgren from History of Ideas. They both work part-time for HUMlab. Annika’s Licenciate Thesis is on “Hu)man computer interaction : a feminine perspective” and Stefan’s Ph.D. thesis is on “A chosen people : revivalism and secularisation : Evangeliska fosterlands-stiftelsen 1856-1910”.

Annika moved in a few weeks ago and when I glanced into her office for the first time – trying to get a sense of the books there – the first book that I noticed was George Lakoff’s Women, Fire and Dangerous Things. A well-known title for many linguists. Of course there is a quite a bit of hard-core cs literature there as well. Have a look:


This is what Stefan’s main bookcase looks like:

We are very excited about having both Stefan and Annika work for us and there is no doubt that they will bring important competence, sentiment and trandisciplinary curiosity to the lab!