got game

I had the pleasure of visiting Tim Lenoir’s How They Got Game class at Duke earlier this week. They have a nice ‘game lab’ setup not only focused on game play and demonstrations, but also on recording and analyzing. Sorry for not having any photos. For instance they can record gameplay in HD quality. I liked the space – a reconfigured (mid-size) classroom with quite a few screens around and a clever use of space. Also they seem to have a well functioning control system (to route image sources for instance). Students presented planned work using the different dispersed screens (which were also mirrored on some of the other screens). The main topic was gender and computer games, and the students were discussing their projects. Part of the assignment is doing a video podcast.

I appreciated the time they took with each game. Not just showing or playing briefly, but actually focusing on the games in question as well bringing in both analytical and production-related aspects. It was a relatively short session and I did not have time to talk to the students extensively, but it seemed like an energetic and mixed class. I also did a brief presentation of HUMlab.