HASTAC event: Lynn Hershman Leeson

Information about an upcoming HASTAC event with Lynna Herschman Leeson. If possible we will run this on screens in HUMlab (Nov 30, 9 am CET). If not we will do a screening of the recorded version later. More information here. The event involves the Stanford Humanities Lab and Stanford Humanities Center among others.

Regenerative Presence: Remixing the Archives of Lynn Hershman Leeson
November 30, 2006


In this special, invitation-only interaction, the SHL, in collaboration with artist Lynn Hershman, will preview work from one of their ongoing projects, Life to the Second Power (L2). The theme will be “Regenerative Presence: Remixing the Archives of Lynn Hershman Leeson.” This Second Life interaction will be recorded from the perspective of one online avatar at the preview, and will be archived on the HASTAC website afterwards as a digital video. Secondary viewers will also gather in groups at Stanford, Duke, and the U.K. to watch the proceedings live onscreen, and to discussion the presentation afterwards. .

The L2 project will re-animate the existing archive of artist Lynn Hershman Leeson, now physically housed in the Special Collections Library at Stanford University. Hershman Leeson has been an award-winning media artist for more than 30 years. Her rich body of work includes feature films such as Conceiving Ada and Teknolust , experimental video, photography and drawings, interactive real-time projects, performances, and installations. She works in overlapping genres that explore questions of identity, presence, and the human body in relation to technology. She is a pioneer in interactive computer and net-based media arts and has won numerous awards, grants and fellowships. Her work has appeared at Sundance, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and many other venues around the world. Hershman Leeson is Professor Emeritus at University of California, Davis, and is A.D. White Professor-at-Large at Cornell University. The Henry Art Gallery of Seattle recently curated Hershmanlandia, a major international museum retrospective of her work that will tour in 2006-08.

L2 will go to the next step, building a living archive of Hershman’s work inside the 3D online world Second Life. Converting the archive into a digital format of hybrid genre will allow users of the content to dynamically revisit the past while simultaneously expanding the audience for this material. This project will use mixed reality and media convergence across multiple channels, through which users will be invited to participate in a deeper exploration, investigation and contemplation of both the nature of archives and the context for documentation of contemporary art.