Archaeology and new media

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to get a better sense of the intersection between archaeology and new media. It seems to be an energetic intersection, and I have been impressed with the work of Michael Shanks and Chris Witmore (among others). Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Ruth Tringham at Berkeley and some of her students and graduate students.

Archaeology is an interpretive discipline. It is also a performance art.
We create past worlds from what we and others find

We create the gaze of people who might have lived in those worlds

We create their vision out of our own imagination and experience

What we create can be poetic, playful and inspirational if we dare to allow it

(from Ruth’s website)

I really enjoyed talking to them and getting sense of their work. Also I always appreciate being able to “sample” spaces and their space is energetic, personal and studio like.