visiting Bruce, virtual world timeline project and more

I had a great time visiting Bruce Damer yesterday. Bruce and Galen Brandt were among the first international guests to visit the lab, and they have been an important influence since then. Another reason for me posting this entry here instead of in my own blog is that we hope that Bruce and Galen will visit sometime next semester.

One of things that make visits to the farm interesting is that there are often other guests there. This time I got to meet Lorenzo Hagerty. He runs the Psychedelic Salon (mainly podcasts but also other material). While I do not too much about ‘the psychedelic’ (apart from the obvious) I know that the link between this movement and cyber culture is recurrent (and probably not totally uncontroversial). The direct reason for Lorenzo’s visit was a digitialization project. They are digitizing the so-called trialogues with Terence McKenna (using at least three computers and tape decks at the same time).

Bruce and I had a series of intense project meetings in different places on the property. We are ready to get going proper with the Virtal Worlds Timeline Project. Subtitle: Origins and Evolution of Social Virtal Worlds. More information about this project later. It is very exciting and there is a lot of interest. Here is some of the already available material:


There is a lot of material and much of it has been digitalized.

Bruce and I also had a great conversation about the expansion of the lab. I will report on some of the ideas that we brought up in another entry (probably tomorrow). I will also soon blog about signing the bus on my own blog.