My network

As a teacher, I learned to call the students in my classes ‘my students’ or ‘my kids’ (depending on their age) and now in my current project I find myself referring to the network I am examining ‘my network’. There is something in the time and dedication (and nurturing?) you put into something that gives you a sense of communion with it.

Last night I was finally able to produce something with my dataset. Johan and I have spent weeks coding and parsing and playing. And now after about 6 hours of manually removing half a line from 190 pages of URL’s, we produced the following images:

These are all from the same dataset, but in different layouts. What I am concerned with is the lack of linking. Blogging is know for its linking. This leads me to consider several conclusion:  A. Bloggers are becoming more text based in their writing (something I will look at using the corpus I am creating. B. This is a cross section of the blogosphere that does not really capture networks well. or C. I have a major flaw somewhere (hoping this is not the case). Testing to see if C is true, Johan is running the data through a new parsing script for comparison. I also want to look at how the dataset was captured.

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