about not being there

Friday and in Luleå the world has, in just a couple of weeks, turned white and cold. Winter hence. I hope the same sun is shining over Umeå. Having an office (strange experience to actually be situated) as well as electronic possibilities to order books makes me act like an overwhelmed puppy and right now I´m scrutinizing Haraways Cyborg. Interestingly I ran across Friedrich Kittler who, in his latest book Musik und Mathematik (I´ve only read an extract in english) actually presents the first pure critizism of the Cyborg. To me, most comments I´ve seen tend to focus on developing Haraway’s thoughts but I haven´t found this antagonistic view before. Somehow it feels like a relief. Otherwise, the only one who seem sceptical about the Cyborg is Haraway herself.

Reading the blog makes it easier not being in Umeå. So to all in HUMlab, thanks for being here!