new technology

Getting new technology is an important part of running HUMlab. Of course there is the regular upgrades but there is also a continual process of assessing new development, directions, needs and possibilities. When I talked at the Cyberinfrastructure Institute in San Diego this summer, Matt Ratto made a remark after my talk on ‘conceptual cyberinfrastructure’ and there is something to that concept. Regarding HUMlab it is about visions, use, practice and balance. I am looking very much forward to actually realizing an idea of expanded lab that I/we have been thinking about for several years now.

On a more concrete level, right now we are looking at getting a new game computer, a new research workstation, installing an updated image on our PCs (with a bit of new software) and getting a new, powerful Macintosh for post production. And today we ordered a new slide scanner and slide feeder (for 50 slides). HUMlab users are encouraged to come with suggestions about things to get. Feel free to send me an email or comment on this blog entry.