Blogging Workshop by Skype (Movement over Distance)

I am taking part in a blogging workshop being given by Stephanie in the Lab, but I am at home listing in with Skype. This is the latest episode in my efforts to be in two places at once. Being at home on parent leave but still wanting to do/listen/learn in HUMlab, these last few weeks has been interesting for experiencing presence over distance. Right now Stephanie is describing how to blog on our new WordPress blog platform. I try to follow her descriptions on the screen that I am sitting in front of here at home. It is not easy but it does work somewhat. It seems that one problem is the slow processing speed on the laptop she is using. My Skype session is slowing things down a bit. My first impressions of the new platform are that is a much more Web 2.0 style blog tool. WordPress seems to give greater network capabilities in the form of pinging, linking, the WordPress community and support. The interface is much more direct; in the sense of what you see in the editing is what you get on the page. Tags are up front in the writing of a post.I have now just had to log off due to slowing down the teaching laptop, but it was an interesting experiment. The experience so far for me of trying to “distance interact” has me thinking that I am much too stationary in my own technology. Following a hard drive crash a couple of years ago I decided that information must always be in movement (mostly being stored online or shared in P2P networks) for it to be most durable. I now see that for myself to benefit from this information I also have to be able to connect and interact from multiple points. This is something I will address in the next 12 months.