The week of October 9 in HUMlab

Here in HUMlab, we have yet another week filled with different types of activities ahead of us. This afternoon Ana Valdés will be presenting on activism and new media, and we expect quite some crowd to turn up. After her seminar, Jennie is teaching our five-credit course and today’s topic is representational techniques. From what I have heard she is planning on letting the student try out some quite innovative techniques, like representations in computer games, for instance. Tomorrow, Stephanie has summoned to a blog meeting, where we will get tips concerning how to best make use of the features of WordPress, as well as some more general writing tips. I am really looking forward to that, and hope that it will give us all an energy buzz to do some more blogging.

On Thursday, the lab will be invaded by school kids exploring the university during “Upptäcksfärden”. They will get to play with the dance mats and try reach-in, paint with wacom board, participate in a treasure hunt taking place in the virtual and the physical HUMlab and create noise (or perhaps even music?) on our music Mac. I find this annual event to be really rewarding since younger kids have so much energy and curiosity. The tricky thing is how to explain that we actually do conduct research here too, and don not play on the dance mats all day long. Apart from these activities, four employees are attending a project meeting in Uppsala for the QVIZ project, in which HUMlab is the coordinating partner. So, all in all, there is quite a lot going on!