Mathias Klang in HUMlab

Tomorrow Mathias Klang from Göteborg University will be in HUMlab. Mathias is known primarily for his work with the open source and free culture movement. He is the Swedish representative for the Free Software Foundation of Europe as well as head of Creative Common Sweden. The abstract for his talk can be found below.

[28 september, kl. 15:00]
Disruptive technology: Effects of Technology Regulation on Democracy
Mathias Klang, Göteborgs universitet

Social interaction is partly shaped by technology being used. Therefore technological innovation affects modes of social interaction. While gradual technological innovation is often assimilated, some changes can be more disruptive. This research examines the democratic impact of attempts to control disruptive technology through regulation. This is done by studying attempts to regulate the phenomena of online civil disobedience, viruses, spyware, online games, software standards and Internet censorship – in particular the affect of these regulatory attempts on the core democratic values of Participation, Communication, Integrity, Property, Access and Autonomy. By studying the attempts to regulate the disruptive effects of Internet technology and the consequences of these regulatory attempts on the IT-based participatory democracy this work shows that the regulation of technology is the regulation of democracy.

You can also watch his seminar live: (link only becomes active tomorrow at 15).

Welcome Mathias 🙂