Amazed and intrigued

I’ve been amazed and intrigued almost every day the last weeks. A couple of weeks ago I started my position as research co-ordinator at HUMlab. Previously I’ve worked as a senior lecturer and researcher in the History of Ideas at the Department of Historical studies, a department which can be described as digital Hades compared to the HUMlab environment. What a difference!

Now, every day I discover the possibilities of various forms of ICT I’ve never seen before. I’ve also started to realise how little I’ve known about, and been aware of, the huge impact of the digital revolution in many people’s personal lives, and in my own life as well.

It was in the end of last year I knew that I’ll work for HUMlab this autumn. And that’s why I promised myself on New Year’s Eve that I’ll digitalize my life during this year – and I’m on my way. A few days ago I “moved” my agenda into my cell phone.

However, since I have my intellectual roots in traditional humanities I still have a critical (but curious) attitude toward ICT and its impact on social transformations. After this year I’ll evaluate my personal digitalization project and see if I’ve gained something, or if it is more reasonable to go back to my normal analogous life.