Sunday fragments

Robert Gould’s talk in the lab on Wednesday had a great deal of energy, wisdom and examples. For instance, we were introduced to Shane Acker‘s work. I also quite enjoyed the crowd and the discussions before and after the seminar. There was a mix of people there. The most sizeable group came from the Design Institute. We hope to have them visit again soon! We posted some information there a few days before and the turnout was great.

We had a good session with teacher trainees in literature in the lab on Thursday. Here are Jim Barrett’s notes for his session on electronic literature. We had a number of “stations” in the lab and the students tried out traditional hypertext works, modern eletronic literature, different kinds of computer games and in-betweens. What made it great in my eyes was partly the engagement of the teacher: Kerstin Munck. She participated in the planning and implementation of this class in a very committed way. The key is to do it together. And I loved the way the students engaged with the media and the related literary (and other) issues.

HUMlab people are out traveling and conferencing quite a lot. Here are Therese Örnberg’s reports (1, 2) from the EuroCall conference that ended about a week ago.

Stephanie has been working on a new setup of for the HUMlab blog and hopefully we will be able do a platform shift-over in one or two weeks.