Planning and fun

The HUMlab crew is now back from planning days at Höga Kusten. During our visit there we had plenty of fruitful discussions concerning everything from blogging practices and daily maintenance of the lab to strategic planning for the future, including the strengthening of the research profile “the Humanities and information technology” at Umeå University.


One of the things we planned was our presence at the Humanist mingle taking place on Wednesday. Ellen presented a concept (worked out in her group) based on us having access to a large lecture hall where we will show Machinima film and treat our visitors to Popcorn in specially designed HUMlab cones. Other planned activities include testing our haptical reach-in interface (prefereably before eating the popcorn to avoid grease on the device) and skateboard simulation. Chatting with the crew is of course part of the plan as well.

Our planning days were not all work, but we had a nice evening together as well. Before dinner, some of us took the opportunity to go for what might be the last swim of the summer.