Lilia Efimova in HUMlab

Today (in about 20 minutes) Lilia will talk about her case study of blogging practices at Microsoft. (See abstract below). We are very excited to have her here. The following link will take you to the live stream (archive link to follow) and if you would like to participate, you can skype in to humlab-seminar.

“Don’t blog on Fridays”: collisions between blogging and work
Lilia Efimova, Telematica Instituut, Enschede

One of my broader interests is to understand what happens when emergent technologies (like blogs or wikis) come to a workplace. What happens to passion and lack of central control enabling those tools when they collide with boundaries, rules and business interests of an organization?

During this seminar I’d like to present the results of my study of weblogs at Microsoft and to focus on the dilemmas faced by a blogger employed by a big company, changes in working practices and relationships because of blogging, as well as the implications of those. I’d also interlay it with the examples from my own experiences of blogging research to illustrate that many of those dilemmas and changes apply to academic environments as well.

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