Cyborg citizens and digital natives

In one of the many interesting presentation we have listened to today, Patrik Hernwall discussed the notion of Educology, and how, within this framework, the learning subject can be defined. Building on theories of constructivist learning, he suggested that the learning subject should be viewed as an active, intentional, meaningmaking subject in context. An important part of the context is the tools available and what actions they afford, and this reasoning brought Hernwall to the conclusion that it is fruitful to view the (young) learner as a cyborg citizen. For the cyborg citizen these tools have become a natural part of their everyday environments and, according to Hernwall (quoting McLuhan), extensions of their consciousness. During the presentation it occurred to me that there seems to be some overlap between the notion of the cyborg citizen the notion of the digital native (which network member Elza Dunkels makes good use of in her research). Would be interesting to compare the two more closely, but that will have to wait for another day – off for networking dinner now 🙂 .