I did my talk on “Bringing cyberinfrastructures together: Studio spaces, multiplex visualization and creative interaction” at the Cyberinfrastructure Institute here at UCSD a few hours ago. I really enjoyed doing the talk and also thinking about these matters beforehand.

Someone asked me about a conceptual framework or conceptual cyber infrastructure in the Q & A session and even though I have not thought about it in that way I think that is probably what I am trying to do in relation to HUMlab and the humanities and information technology. A good point and it has already helped my thinking.

Another point that came up related to the use of laptops and portable devices in relation to our space (not least because we are planing to expand the space). It is something we have talked about to som extent but we need to discuss this more.

A third point concerned the situaiton for Ph.D. students with double affiliation, and more generally, the situation for younger researchers interested in doing work in this field. This is a complex issue and for us the graduate students and their double affiliation are very important. They are involved in changing both worlds. Other strategies we have adopted include doing research seminars with departments (in their space) on issues to with the “digital” in relation to their discipline. And, of course, seminars and other activities are important. Not least with established scholars who both have an excellent track record in more traditional research and ‘new’ research. It is a give and take kind of process and one key aspect is mutual respect. We also try to help the departments when they have students who want to do work in the field. But it is never a matter of taking over – either way – but rather it is all about working together.

In any case, the powerpoint file (as a 2,3 MB pdf) is availble from here. The talk was streamed and will be made available in an archived version later. I will post the link as soon as it becomes available.