Student Seminars

Earlier this semester I tried a different sort of seminar. As a doctoral candidate, we are given the opportunity to present our work once a semester to our advisers and others in the department. This semester, in addition to my advisers, I skyped in Lilia as an outside opponent. I greatly appreciate feedback given by my advisers and others from my department, but I have to admit that skyping in someone turned out to be a worth-while experiment (even though I had some technical difficulties in the beginning). You create a ‘mini-conference’ atmosphere which gives participants a bit more enthusiasm in commenting.

cartoon from PhD comics

This enthusiasm in commenting can make a real difference in a student’s work. Tomorrow Therese will present a WIP paper at her seminar (seminar entitled Multiplex conversations afforded by technology).She has written about it on her blog and is even offering a copy of the draft! Looking forward to participating and commenting!