HUMlab Doctoral Candidate Guest on -empyre- for June

I will be writing as a guest for the emprye soft skinned space mailing list for the month of June. The theme for the month is Liquid Narrative:

“Liquid Narratives. The concept of ‘liquid narrative’ is interisting in that it allows to think about the unfoldings of contemporary languages beyond tech achievements, by relating user controlled applications with formats such as the essay (as described by Adorno in “Der Essay als Form”, The essay as a form) and procedures related to the figure of the narrator (as described by Benjamin in his writings about Nikolai Leskov).

How does the concept of narrative is related to comtemporary culture?
Can we really describe nowadays fragmentary and user agenced procedures of telling stories as narratives? Should they be considered liquid, since they are fluid, reshapable, pliable? How does devices such as the GPS and mobile phones change narrative? How technologies broadband internet and DVD different possibilities for storytelling?

To debate this topic, this month, we welcome Dene Grigar, Lúcia Santaella, James Barret and Sérgio Basbaum. They will discuss how their projects and ideas can be related to the notion of ‘liquid narratives’, or explain how they have been thinking about connected concepts (such as those of ‘liquid images’ and ‘liquid languages’, developed by Lúcia Santaella in her most recent book, to be published soon).” (Marcus Bastos)

“-empyre- facilitates critical perspectives on contemporary cross-disciplinary issues, practices and events in networked media by inviting guests -key new media artists, curators, theorists, producers and others to participate in thematic discussions.”

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