HUMlab Culture Outside the Lab

The next 24 hours sees a lot of HUMlab talent being shown to the community outside of the lab. As part of the Umeå City Culture Night this Saturday (20th May) four of HUMlab’s staff will be singing, showing art and making music. HUMlab digital artist in residence Linda Bergkvist will be showing images and masks at Pilgrim (Kungsgatan 55) from 17:00 until 20:00. Therese Ornberg Berglund will be singing as part of the Snowflake Singers (20 member choir) at 16.30 in Ã…hléns, at 19.00 in Café Station and at 20.00 in Cafe Schmäck . Jim Barrett will be playing didgeridoo outside of Indah Imports in the Renmarkstorget at 12:45, 14:30 and 19:30. Stefan Blomberg will be part of a Gameboy music performance at the Bildmuseet at 22.00 as part of the “Konst, som nu ungefär”‘ exhibition.
As an update to this entry Billy Marius who is doing Masters Research in HUMlab (and giving a seminar on his work on the 30th May in the lab) will be performing at the Rinkerby Festival next week in Stockholm. ‘Billy Marius and the Global Yodellers’ will present a fusion of Pygmy Yeyi and Sámi Joik.