Sachiko Hayashi in HUMlab

Sachiko Hayashi (Japan/Sweden) “3” from SERIES OF STILLS FOR ELECTOR-ACOUSTIC MUSIC CONCERTS (digital computer graphics for projection, 2004, Sweden)

On Monday 22nd May at 13:15 the Japanese/Swedish artist Sachiko Hayashi will be presenting a seminar on Technology as the Medium: Artist as the Consumer. I am sure this will be an interesting and relevant discussion from the practical perspective of a prolific and internationally respected artist. The abstract and keywords for the seminar are available here.
In her own words:
“Sachiko Hayashi is best known for her net art that involves examination of human nature with high use of interactivity, in which not only the retrieved intricate picture of its subject becomes its focus but also our own reaction toward what is being revealed through interactivity.”
I first became aware of Sachiko through her stunning and disturbing net art piece Last Meal Requested. This I have made part of my research project for my PhD as I believe it represents a bridge between various narrative forms operating under the banner of interactive media. One of the influences i detect in the piece are the assemblages of Joseph Cornell . The power and sad beauty of Last Meal Requested is surprising as it is a small work done as a Flash window. Not a famous medium for dealing with the heavier topics such as capital punishment. In my opinion it is the framing of very different media forms that makes possible Last Meal Requested’s intense force. This is accomplished by the interactivity of the piece that is the need for the viewer to participate in the work. To quote theorist and artist Mark Steven Meadows, “Interactive narrative is the most ambitious art form existing today because it combines traditional narrative with visual art and interactivity. Strangely enough, these three art forms share an important feature: they each allow information to be understood from multiple perspectives.” (M. S. Meadows, Pause and Effect: The Art of Interactive Narrative px).
Sachiko Hayashi holds a BA in International & Cultural Studies with an award winning undergraduate thesis from Tsuda College, Tokyo, a MA with Merit in Digital Media from Coventry School of Art & Design, Coventry University, UK, and completed additional postgraduate studies in Computer Arts at the Royal Univeristy College of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Sachiko has exhibited work at Transmediale, Berlin, Not Still Art, New York, and European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück. Gallery shows include National Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm, Boston CyberArts through 911 Gallery, Boston, Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater, NYC, Saitama Museum of Modern Art, Japan, the Palace of the Exposures, Rome. One of her computer graphics became part of the permanent collection of the Congress of the United States of America as part of “Reaction” by ExitArt, New York.
I would advise anyone interested in digital and interactive media, digital, electronic and video art and the theory surrounding these practices to come to HUMlab Monday 22 May at 13:15.