the lab is a lively place

I just got back from HUMlab. One group of people – members of a new European project from all over Europe – were evacuating our inner room to accommodate for this afternoon’s three-hour course on alternative game controls (history, examples, trying different platforms out etc.). The project people moved to another nearby space. The other parts of the lab were also well populated and at the far end Santiago Barriga-Amaya from the Umeå Institute of Design has set up some of his game control demo equipment.

Santiago designing one of the game interfaces (photo from an earlier occasion)

At 4 pm we will host a demo event showing some of Santiago’s work and allowing people to try it out. The EU project people will join us as well.

I am very happy about the range and amount of activities in HUMlab over the last couple of days. There is a lot of energy there and people with very different backgrounds and competences working together.