Willard McCarty in HUMlab

Call me!

Thursday and Friday this week we will have Willard McCarty visit the lab. Willard has been involved in humanities computing for a long time and many of us know him as the founding editor of Humanist – an interational electronic seminar (e-mail list). He recently published the book Humanities Computing (sample chapter available from the website). A month or so ago it was announced that Willard McCarty is the recipient of the 2006 Lyman Award. This is certainly a very appropriate time for him to visit us!

On Thursday there will be an open seminar (also live streamed and archived) in the lab.

[April 27, 1.15 pm CET]
Humanities Computing: The Plural Community of Method
Willard McCarty, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King’s College

We are probably going to offer both chat and Skype interaction for people taking part in the seminar from remote locations. We will post those links (as well as the live stream link here) on Thursday.

We are very happy to have Willard visit and personally I am not least looking forward to interesting discussions about the state of humanities computing, education in this area and, in general, the interesection of the Humanities and information technology.


Live stream (Realmedia format)
Chat server
Skype (to be posted – or search “HUMlab” in Skype)