super computers

Tomorrow I will visit the San Diego Supercomputer Center and I hope to learn more about grid computing, high performance computing and visualization. SDSC is world-leading center in this field and they have a strong interest in using these kinds of resources in the Humanities and Social Sciences. My experience from talking to people at my own university’s High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N) is that there *is* a great deal of common interest here. It is all about cyberinfrastructure here in the US and HUMlab hopes to connect to local and national resources as well as international ones. We are increasingly seeing projects in the lab with very large and complex data sets and we are really interested in exploring possibilities (sharing data, new methods for exploring, analyzing and visualizing complex materials etc.) I am presently at UC Irvine and I have been fortunate enough to discuss things like these with the great people at UCHRI. Read about their grid initiative here. Also, later this week I will participate in HASTAC activities. There is a great deal going on in our field and I will report more later.