Web 2.0 (Have You Seen it?)

I will be one of two ‘facilitators’ teaching a short course on Web 2.0 in HUMlab on Friday 24th March between 13.00 and 16:00. Because of this I have been pursuing, researching, testing and tasting anything that might qualify as “Web 2.0” over the last month or so. It has been an interesting experience.
Web 2.0 is not easy to define but rather it has ‘qualities’ that are changing as the technological possibilities change. It could be summarized as the “read write” web where content is no longer as static as it has generally been (although very little on the web since its inception has been static). One thing about Web 2.0 is its ability to manifest strong opinions, from it being a communist plot to it being banned in schools and being a confusing condition developed by “zealots”.
I have been using some of the materials that are often assigned Web 2.0 classification for a while now. flickr is nifty. I love the Freesound project and have made extensive use of it in some sound projects. I am addicted to del.icio.us (I read somewhere recently about the psycho-sexual aspects of collecting, most often practice by pre-pubescent boys and older men as a token of virility…I have almost 3000 links!!!!). But something that has had me hung up for the last few days is Google Video…it is pretty cool. I have found videos featuring HUMlab friends Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt as well as Bonnie Devarco (well Bonnie produced this one). As a measure of what may be representative of the culture behind Web 2.0, I also found 145 videos from the visual extravaganza that is Burning Man Festival.
Other videopod sites can be found here…on my del.icio.us link of course….