HUMlab flickr presence

As you might have noted we now have a Flickr badge on the right hand side showing photos from the HUMlab flickr account. Stephanie and I implemented this yesterday and today. We have uploaded a set of nine photos to get started. I see this blog as an extension of the lab somehow and I also believe that photos can help creating links and a sense of presence. Of course you have to click on the badge to actually see the photos in reasonably high resolution. This is something I have been thinking about for rather long now and we will see how it works out.

Some questions/comments:

Should we upload lots of photos? We have several thousand photos on our server. Presumably we do not need/want to include all. Probably uploading a few photos now and then makes sense – from recent activities or just recent great snapshots.

Would it make more sense to have a more static HTML version of the badge where the pictures would be larger? I kind of like this one though (even though I would not mind having 6 pictures instead of 12).

Right now we have uploaded 800×600 versions of photos. Somehow I feel reluctant to upload high resolution versions.

We also need to think about asking people in pictures whether they are ok with us publishing them.

It probably makes sense to use tags and descriptions. It would also be cool to link photos from seminars to seminar streams and personal websites (and things like that).

Another idea: When we have guest bloggers we could exchange the HUMlab flickr feed for their personal flickr feed (if they have one) or create a special feed for them. And if we tag photos we could have a special flickr display after an important event or to prepare for something interesting happening in the lab. I also see parallells with using many displays in a lab in a premediated manner – for instance to contextualize an upcoming event.

Comments and answers welcome!