Swedish articles

Some recent articles in Swedish (all from November 2005 and the first two from today):

“Umeåtjej målar för Disney” (Västerbottens Folkblad). Interview with HUMlab digital artist Linda Bergkvist).

“Litterära smakprov” (Dagens Nyheter). Johan Svedjedal on Google Print/Google Book Search (brief article/column). See also comment by Erik Stattin. Here is my my own recent (rather unnoteworthy) experience of finding online material (which would seem to support Erik’s argument).

“En Proust för Googles tidsålder” (Svenska Dagbladet). Karl Steinick on Lev Manovich’s work and Soft Cinema (Manovich visited Stockholm recently).

“Jan Kjaerstad uppgraderar romanen” (Svenska Dagbladet). Magnus Persson on Norwegian writer and media critic Jan Kjaerstad.

“Spel påverkar vårt sätt att vara i världen” (Svenska Dagbladet). Sam Sundberg on computer games, computer game studies, popular media treatment of games, learning and games etc. (an overview). Also on why computer games should be discussed in the arts/culture section of the newspaper.

“Använd bloggar i undervisningen!”. Interview (or rather an interview based on a talk) with Stephanie Hendrick (HUMlab Ph.D. student) in Kollegiet (in my view the writer has made the article somewhat too “popular”/sensational – a danger with this field). On using blogs in education.