upcoming 3D modeling seminar

In about a week 3D artist Anders Kjellberg from the Department of Historical Studies will talk about his 3D work. How and why 3D modeling? He will show some of his work and discuss the process, tools and some philosophical perspectives on recreating realities (and creating non-realities).


Anders uses Cinema 4D which is now available in the lab (one license only). In HUMlab we also Maya and 3D Studio Max.


The seminar takes places in HUMlab, November 15, 1.15 pm CET. It will also be broadcast live and archived (both as a stream and an mp3 podcast). Language: Swedish (but the whole thing will probably be visual enough to transcend language barriers). Welcome!


Anders Kjellberg’s 3D graphics website can be found here. the website features galleries and tutorials among other things.