December guests

In December we will have some really interesting international (and national) guests. Two of them will give HUMlab seminars.

Christina McPhee, artist and art-technology thinker and writer, will talk about Strike/Slip: Datascapes, Topologies and the Sublime. The date is somewhat tentative still but almost certainly the seminar will be on December 13, 1:15 pm CET. Live streamed, archived and podcast of course. I am very happy to have Christina visit. She is doing great and innovative work and I have followed the empyre list (for which she is one of the facilitators) for quite some time now.

-empyre- facilitates critical perspectives on contemporary cross-disciplinary issues, practices and events in networked media by inviting guests -key new media artists, curators, theorists, producers and others to participate in thematic discussions.

Our other international seminar speaker in December is David Theo Golberg, Director of the Humanities Research Institute at UC Irvine (the Institute spans all ten UC universities), and the title of his seminar is A Manifesto for the Humanities in a Technological Age. December 19, 1:15 pm CET. Live streamed, archived and podcast of course. David is an outstanding scholar who has published extensively on race, racism, postcolonialism and political theory. He is also one of the leaders for the HASTAC consortium and a strong humanities and information technology thinker and advocate.

Additional note: Both these guests are wonderfully multi-talented and apart from the seminars they will do several other things. For instance, Christina McPhee will also participate in a datamining workshop and do an art installation, and David Theo Goldberg will give a lecture on race.racism and discuss research prioritization in the humanities.