Aperture is a new program for Mac-users that seems like a good Photoshop alternative for photographer.

Adobe Photoshop is, as we know, a very complicated program that sees not only to the needs of photographers, but also focuses on image creation and painting capabilities. Some would claim it overreaches. Perhaps something like Aperture will be a good replacement for those mainly interested in easily adjusting their photographs.

From what I can tell, the interface seems quite simple and intuitive, with menus that change depending on what you are working on.

The cries that this will replace Photoshop are, I think, quite unnecessary. Photoshop is a program by far more versatile… but for a photographer (and Mac user, which I am not) this might be either a complement or a substitute.

I’ve looked through the gallery with screen shots of the program in action. I quite like the interface:


The tech specs seem intriguing indeed. Little details like simultaneous zoom for multiple images, organising of photos into projects and albums and alternate versions without using more disk space really make this program interesting.


It seems like something well worth looking into – but so far, you can only pre-order it so it’s a matter of waiting for it to become available.