Cross Platform Machinima.

During my seminar The Sims as Narrative Engine yesterday I was asked about machinima films that combine two or more game engines in their production. At the time I was thinking too much of the film world and the game world as being one in the same, but since then I understand that this is a mistake. The film may be visually equal to the game world but it is definitely not the same thing. I was helped along in this understanding by Amanda Stanley of Panda Productions, a machinimator from Atlanta, Georgia who sent me these tips for cross platform machinima:

Name: Star Wars Falling Into Darkness By Darth Angelus
Games it combines: Jedi Academy/Knight & Homeworld 2

Name: Borg War
Games it combines: Star Trek Command 3 and Star Trek: Elite Force II

Name: Silver Star/Purple Hearts
Games it combines: Sims 2 and Halo

I actually showed some shots from Star Wars: Falling into Darkness but did not realize what was used to make it.