The Sims as Narrative Engine


A scene from The Awakening II

I thought I would provide a little background and context for my seminar ‘The Sims as Narrative Engine’ (25th October 2005 1:15pm CET).

First what is Machinima, you need look now further than the all powerful wikipedia.

Why is machinima interesting?
I think it is interesting because it provides us with a modified form of a computer game that clearly tells one or more stories. This is the primary focus of my work with machinima, the point at which a narrative emerges out of the game play. There are several ways this is done and this is what I will be talking about next Tuesday.

Can we see some machinima films?
Oh YES YES YES! There are thousands of them on the net.
I recommend (because it will be the films I concentrate on in the seminar) The Awakening films by April Hoffman. They can be download or streamed from here.
But Hoffman is by no means alone in the machinima film sphere. It is huge! I recommend these gems

Rooster Teeth’s The Strangerhood downloadable here. It was also made using The Sims.

The Codex. Which was made using Halo 2

A Few Good G Men. Made using Half Life 2. The inspiration for which you may recognise.

Finally the World of Warcraft universe has given us many films

The site will probably provide for any further queries you have until next Tuesday in HUMlab. See you there.