The Invasion

About once a year, children come to visit HUMlab.

Not just one or two kids, either, but a swarm of them. On my part, I boss over five computers and five digital tablets, doing my best to show these kids how to have fun and paint on the computer.

And do they ever paint!


So boldly and so wonderfully disrespectfully of the norm. Some might colour the kitten brown and grey, but a lot of these children go for vivid reds, intense greens, insane purples – colours that few adults would ever imagine on the face of an animal.

They paint with avid concentration, somewhat amazed by what might have seemed dull when done with traditional means. One kid kept exclaiming, “this is the most fun I’ve ever had!!” and I can’t help but smile at such wonderful enthusiasm. I wish we could all retain that as grownups.