Skype and the new Google Talk

As a faithful follower of Skype (no kickbacks so I can say what I want about their service) I am curious about this new Google Talk program. I have actually unsubscribed from my landline and now use skype and my mobile exclusively. It is very rare that I make international calls, and when I do skypeout is adequate. And while I have found the quality of the calls to be worse than previously, I don’t think that Google Talk is up to their standard yet…or maybe it is like comparing apples and oranges. Google Talk seems to be more of an IM program with voice chat (like Yahoo was a year ago), while Skype seems to be more of a phone replacement (voice mail, skypein and skypeout, video, etc). Google’s big advantage seems to be in it’s ability to combine services. They have blogger, maps, search, and now talk. If you combine these services into something that is actually cell phone friendly, you may have an amazing combination on your hands… Maybe geoblogging/ghostblogging would become a reality (a way to leave traces of your blog/thoughts behind so others who cross the same path will be notified that something was written about the place in which they stand). Google has the tools and the potential to create an augmented reality, full of collaboration and shared experiences. Another myth of the ‘potential greatness of cyberspace’ perhaps…only time will tell. Until then, I am still loving skype!

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