My new BOXX computer

My new computer arrived yesterday.

A brand new BOXX workstation, honed specifically for people who work within visual computing. Having worked most of my life, at least from home, on computers that were acquired relatively cheaply – I am stunned beyond belief by this machine running so smoothly and quickly and flawlessly. I still can’t, honestly, believe that I actually won this monster. When I sat down to name the computer, the first word that popped into mind was “GOD”, and then, after some consideration, I named it “OMFG” instead. I find the name very fitting.

The digital illustrator has to acquire quite pricey equipment, when compared to most traditional artists. Though they continually buy new things, new paint, brushes and canvases – when we buy something it is generally something that will leave a big and gaping hole in our economy, but also provide us with all we need for a few years.

I wonder if this doesn’t change the way we work, at least a little. We can do an endless amount of paintings for the same amount of money, rather than paying for every individual one. I start so many things that I scrap halfway through and just throw away – I mean, I didn’t actually lose anything except for time while creating it, did I? The paint didn’t cost me anything, nor did the paper.

Also, I am sure that the multi-tasking aspect of the computer makes a huge difference. When I paint, I also surf the web, chat with my friends, sometimes play computer games when the inspiration runs out and ultimately do a whole lot of different things. When I used to paint with real paint – I’d only be doing that, anything else would just get much too complicated.

Either way, I can’t wait to get started with my new computer – see how large, and detailed paintings I can do now that the tool has improved so vastly. You can never have a slow brush or a canvas that crashes a lot when you paint traditionally. The tools just don’t seem as vital in the same way.