HUMlab at Nolia

Last week HUMlab participated in the Nolia trade fair/festival. 130342 people turned up and while most did not visit the university tent there was a great deal of interest in our work.


We have done this kind of presentation quite a few times but we still learn as we go along. For instance it is very important to face the crowd and if you have a group of people working together there is always a risk of internal communication excluding potential visitors. It is also important to provide som kind of activity – playing computer games and trying digital drawing out for instance.


Even though these activities (in themselves) do not necessarily give people an understanding of HUMlab they give you oppurtunity to start conversations etc. Next time we will probably try having a bunch of important and provoking questions relating to technology-culture-the humanities posted. Anyway the HUMlab crew did a great job and we also showed some of our “other” skills.


This is Jim Barrett playing the didgeridoo. He is one of our graduate students. Another one performed on the big Nolia stage with his band the Deportees.


Peder Stenberg is the lead singer and also a graduate student (working on computer games).

In another place we showed our rock carving project (together with BildMuseet).


Here people could experience a prehistoric rock carving site (a kind of activity). And while Linda Bergkvist does the drawing herself in this image she also does a great job encouring others to try.


We will certainly make use of our Nolia experiences next time around. Also I think you need to be relaxed about things. After all most people go to Nolia to buy things and to have a look at tractors, trailers and other equipment.