The digital art community is

The digital art community is far removed, I think, from any other art community… perhaps most of all in that you might here speak to, and get help from, your favourite artists, or even get to help them out, as it were. The entire community is, in a way, a great, wonderful school where we’re all just trying to do our best, and along the way, to help others to do the same. That’s a little idealised, right there – I mean, not EVERYONE tries to help people out… but this internet way of speaking to one another, of hanging out in forums, of doing tutorials and of just plain offering advice, I think it’s pretty new. It’s an environment almost like a school, except there are no actual teachers, and there is no geographical limit. So I might be speaking with an artist from Singapore, and he might tell me that this or that tool is a good way to achieve something like that, and in turn, I could give him some advice on how to improve the colours on some part of his painting or perhaps tell him that I disagree with the piece of advice offered by this third artist. It is a strange way to learn how to paint but it’s very dynamic and it demands a lot from you as a ‘student’ – perhaps something to think about regarding regular teaching. We, as learners, have a lot more to offer one another than I would ever have thought. Here is a tutorial I did a little while ago, while still on vacation, to show my appreciation for the digital art community. I just love the way it works, and I’m so happy to be part of it – it’s a new, kicking thing, we’re all learning so much. Hope everyone had a lovely vacation.