Cyborg Reflections : Digital Literacy

I have been meaning to blog the last of my notes from the ITC and the Humanities Summer School and in order to keep this blog ticking through the sunny weeks of the July summer break I thought to contribute some now.
Morton Sorby is a Section Leader in the Network for IT-Research and Competence in Education (ITU), Faculty of Education, at the University of Oslo. The background reading for this presentation was the online paper Identity and Learning in Cyberspace.
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Symposium report

Now the report from the language learning and ICT symposium that I’ve been working on is finally completed. There are a few PowerPoints missing, which will be added as I get access to them. An interactive web version of the report, which is in Swedish, can be accessed here, and a pdf version is available here. If you don’t speak Swedish I can recommend that you have a look at the streamed and archived recordings of those presentations that were given in English (those by Ravi Purushotma, Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and Pat Shrimpton). Links to all streams are available in the web version of the report, but also from this overview page showing the program for the whole event. Cross posted here