Link for Ravi’s presentation

Here’s the link for the streamed and archived version (RealMedia) of Ravi Purushotma’s presentation, Changing language education through popular media: learner rights, computer games and German songs, that he gave during the language education and ICT symposium: The rest of the streams as well as a report in Swedish from the event summarizing all the presentations will be available shortly.

Report from ICT and the Humanities Summer School

Mary Flanagan, Jay David Bolter and Lisa Holloway-Attaway
More Images from the ICT and the Humanities Summer School.

“An Internet collaboration might seem a mere matter of logistics, an extension of the increasingly complex and commodified process of creating contemporary artwork . Even solitary artwork increasingly demands from its inception that the artist range outward through a network, not merely for vision, ideas and materials, but also for exhibition, publication, performance or distribution, including making provision for one’s own marketing, publicity, notice, review, critical reception, and so on. Artwork is increasingly a process of intramediation, an organization of the scope, dissemination, reproduction and representation of one’s own work among several interlinked media

looking ahead

We had ten seminars this past semester – a very interesting mix of people, perspectives and areas represented. And if we include Henry Jenkins’s mid-January seminar (all links to realmedia streams) we actually had eleven seminars. After Henry, Claes Rosenqvist talked about usinng ActiveWorlds in theater history education (in Swedish). He is the project leader of an innovative project where students build, explore and experiment with virtual theaters in the computers. The project report will soon be made available (in English). Elza Dunkels from the Teacher Education Faculty discussed net cultures (in Swedish), Peter Zackariasson from the Business Department talked about massively miltiplayer online games and Jonny Holmstr