The tools we Use

I met this guy (Raymond M. Kristiansen) at Bloggforum 2.0 and was quite impressed with comments he made both during the panel and on the train ride back to central station. He is a videoblogger working with a blogging company called Blogsoft as well as a moderator at Ourmedia.

The other day he posted a screencast about how he uses bloglines. Screencasts like these are interesting in that one gets the chance to learn new tips and tricks to make his or her own information hunting and gathering more efficient. I heard/read (I hate when I can’t remember where) the other day that the Internet is not about nodes and information, but about the people sharing that information. I like that idea. It is quite agreeable and this screencast fits right in with that theme. I would like to see more of these in relation to how people weave their tools together in order to create their personal information ‘cloud’.