Arne Trageton in Umeå

Tomorrow there will be a seminar at Umeå University on writing on computers as a means of learning to read. Arne Trageton from Högskolan Stord/Haugesund, Norway, has been invited by the teacher education faculty and Mediacenter i Västerbotten.

Here are some articles in English written by Arne Trageton (and his project co-workers). Here is the abstract and time/space information (in Swedish):

2004-05-04 Att skriva sig till läsning – seminarium med Arne Trageton Är du intresserad av hjälpa barn lära sig skriva och läsa? IML och SvShv anordnar tillsammans med Mediacenter i Väste rbotten ett seminarium med Arne Trageton, Pedagog och lärarutbildare Högskolan Stord/Haugesund, Norge. Han kommer att berätta om sin forskning – hur barn lär sig läsa och skriva snabbare och bättre, då de börjar skriva med dator istället för med papper och penna.

Datum: 10 maj klockan 13:00 – 16:30
Plats: Samhällsvetarhuset, Hörsal A, Umeå universitet
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This coming week HUMlab will host a national symposium on language education and information technology. We will have between 80-90 people participate from all over Sweden but also from Norway, England and the US. International participants include Ravi Purushotma and Agnes Kukulska-Hulme. See Therese’s blog entry for some more information.

We are very happy with the interest shown in the symposium and judging from the combined competence and experience of the participants this will be great. Also the program is mixed and hopefully not too much like a traditional conference. Well, there will be talks (albeit in a rather different – and crowded – environment) but also workshops, technology/project demonstrations, virtual worlds and a fluid space.

We will film the whole thing and hopefully make a streamed version available later this semester.