UCIT Article: File Sharing Gives a New Business Model

Last week I was interviewed for the Umeå Center for Interactive Technology (UCIT) news page (in Swedish) on my involvemnt in a P2P file sharing network as a means of developing an independant recording label I am involved in.

The technologies as embodied in file sharing protocols, in combination with broadband internet connections, and even the new large capacity email accounts, provide novel ways to distribute the products of one’s own musical experiments. Although money may not be the direct result of such an arrangement, there are many longer term benefits to be had from letting the world listen and like your own music.

New currencies of exchange is something I’ve written about before here and recently took great interest in listening to Jonny Holmström speak of in HUMlab, and I once again took it up in this interview.

A rough English translation is available on my own blog.