Next HUMlab seminar

A brief notice about an upcoming HUMlab seminar. Jonny Holmström from the Department of Informatics at Umeå University will talk about Creative, effective and communitarian: An exploration into peer-to-peer filesharing networks.

 April 5, 2005. 1:15 pm CET. Live stream will be available.

 Jonny heads a research project on this topic and needless to say, it is a topic of some public interest. Here is a recent article from Svenska Dagbladet (all links in this section to Swedish sources). Some of the controversy relates to the Swedish Anti Pirate Agency (I was going to link to them but their site has apparently been attacked. The debate is particarly heated now because of a recent police “raid” on a Stockholm-based ISP and and upcoming legal restrictions.

This will be a very interesting and important seminar!